I must apologize for my lack of an update during the past month. It’s difficult to get back into the habit of updating when one has been out of commission for such an extended period of time. However, considering the relative safety of my current refuge, I feel like now would be the perfect time to inform you all of my happenings.

After spending weeks jumping from train to train and simply running on paw across the country to attempt to avoid the Hound and his Master, I found myself in Vermont. I spent some time doing research on whether there were any others who shared my predicament in the area. It was through this search that I found one Benjamin Vanderwaal and his offer to provide assistance to those who needed it.

I went to his doorstep, and immediately played at being the lost, sad pup. With some humans, one doesn’t need the ability to touch minds, only the ability to stir kindness in their hearts by showing your need. He let me into the house, fed me, and has boarded me ever since.

I can say nothing but good about this man, barring perhaps his utmost insistence that I not be allowed into his library. Such a vast array of knowledge and possible clues has been sealed away from me due to my species. To be expected, yes, but still a certain level of discrimination.

In return for his kindness, I’ve been doing my best to cheer him up, play the good dog. Benjamin smells so strongly of remorse. The old booze and the gray, the taste of salt and the window spray… He reeks of it. I do what little I can to give him joy.

Still, I do not entirely understand how he can have such a strong odor of sadness in an environment such as this. Vermont is beautiful. Ben has actually just let me out to take care of my business. The air is sweet and pure. It tastes like lilacs an

Oh god that was not a tree I just relieved myself on.


it was him

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Squirming in the water

Eels are odd creatures. Their eyes smell like hunger, and their smiles betray their longings to satiate that feeling. Yesterday, I found myself watching their motions long into the night. They reminded me of how the monster’s tendrils moved when we were in that submersible, deep below the surface. I couldn’t stop staring at those accursed eels, with their tiny eyes judging my failure to protect my Adam, my boy, from their counterpart.

I’d gone to the aquarium to try and settle myself. I was hoping that maybe by going to a place like where I’d spent time with my child that maybe I could find my abilities once more, stretch my mind across the world to contact Adam, to catch his scent once more. Instead, I found nothing but sadness in those glass tanks, those captive lives, those hungry ey

He’s here. He’s at the other side of the park. I know it’s him. I see the decomposition wafting from him, and the instinctive call to fly spreading out from myself. There’s no mistaking it. I have not been awake for a week, and the hound returns once more.

He’s just standing there, menacingly, watching me from afar. Still, I’m no longer safe here. I’ll be going back to the train station as quickly as I can, and jumping on the first locomotive leaving this city. I pray he doesn’t follow, despite knowing he certainly will.

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Waking Up, From One Nightmare Into The Next

Adam’s gone. Why would he stay with his pet, no matter how loyal, if from all appearances, he was dead? I can only pray that he is safe, that the faceless abomination never succeeded in his quest to steal my boy away. Even with all of his naivety and awkwardness, Adam still had the abilities he gained down in that sunken city. Surely he could use them to ward off the beast without a useless pup at his side.

I’ve been asleep for months. I do not understand why, but my body entered some form of hibernation that left me, for all intents and purposes, dead. Dead, but dreaming. The nightmares of that hellish landscape, plagued with the bouncing, disembodied heads of alien felines, haunted by sleep. Their voices taunted me endlessly, their impossible world doing all it could to tear away at my mind. Still I endured the torment, for I knew that I would eventually awaken and would see my boy again.

Yet here I am, alone in this alleyway. I awoke from my terror only to find another. Adam was not there, in the forest, when I finally returned from my deepest slumber. I do not even know how I got into that maze of trees. Last I recalled, we were in a small Southern town. The forest in which I awoke, and the settlement that I am at now, are much further north. A quick search online revealed that I am currently in Canada.

I have spent the past several days regaining my strength, slowly relearning my old abilities. It is hard to cope when you go from being a powerful, fast, psychic being to one who can barely limp his way into a town and beg for scraps. Fortunately, it seems my powers were only in remission. I have yet to return to full strength physically, and I still cannot touch the minds of others as I once could, but I still have my ability to link to the Internet, to share my thoughts with you through this medium. It will suffice, for now.

It appears that the owner of this establishment has decided that a mangy, stray dog in the alley is bad for business. I must take my leave now, but not before putting out this call. If you, or anyone you know, has seen a tall child with the ability to fire lightning from his hands being stalked by an even taller man with no face and tentacles, contact me. The talking dog. The impossible talking dog. Who couldn’t even do his one true task and save his master.

It’s surreal, what this world has become.


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Even dreams hold no escape from reality

I have been told that the presence of the abomination has many side effects. From coughing fits to headaches, nose bleeds to memory loss, just being near that thing can affect one’s health for the worse. Thus far, Adam and I have proven immune to those particular symptoms. However, ever since I saw that mangy beast standing behind his master, things have changed. I’ve been unable to sleep restfully. The nightmares have begun.

Many are returning back to that fateful night when, for whatever reason, we attracted his gaze. Now, however, I see that dog with him. His appearance is different with every dream. Sometimes he’s a great black Labrador, sometimes a Husky. Once he was a poodle. Another time, he was a fellow Rottweiler. Every time, he lacked a face. Every time, he wore one of those miniature costumes that humans enjoy dressing us in for Halloween. His is always a business suit.

He’s always there, wrecking our escape. In one of the dreams, he pounced on me as Adam and I were making our way onto the main deck so we could commandeer the submersible. That man took Adam by the hand as I was incapacitated, and walked away with him into the darkness. No matter how loudly I screamed, Adam only looked back once. He was smiling. And then his face tore as his smile grew wider. And then he looked away, and disappeared with that man.

In another, the dog was waiting in the submersible for us. He jumped on Adam as soon as my boy got the hatch open. I hurled myself at the beast from across the boat, knocking him away and into the water. I went back to help Adam. My boy was dead, his face completely mangled. The abomination stood over me, and patted my head before snapping a collar around my neck.

Sometimes, though, the nightmares have nothing to do with the man or his dog. Sometimes, it’s something far more surreal. Perhaps the worst of those was when I dreamed I was on another world. Everything was mostly flat, outside of nonsensical structures hanging above and pits that seemed to lead down to other levels. Each level was a different color. One was green, one red, one grey, one black… There were spikes everywhere that I simply knew would kill me if I so much as touched one. But those were not the worst part of this planet.

That honor fell to the disembodied, cheerfully bouncing cat heads. Everywhere I went, they were there. No matter which way I turned, they were there. I’d try to talk to them, and they’d say nonsensical things. Then they’d repeat it, over and over again. I could get them to say nothing more than whatever single line they started with. And they were always bouncing, always staring.

Then, just as I was about to throw myself upon the spikes to escape those demented cat heads, she came. Flying madly across the landscape, she made her way to each and every cat and spoke to them for reasons I’ll never understand. Occasionally she would collide with the spikes, exploding in a Technicolor burst, only to reform somewhere else and try once more to reach whichever cat she had failed to get to before. She flew over my head. She was babbling only two words, over and over again.

“Cat planet cat planet cat.”

I awoke barking. That was last night. I am afraid to fall asleep again for fear of dreaming once more of that cursed place.

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…And His Dog

I apologize for being gone so long. You may recall that last I was here I thought Adam and I had lost our pursuer. I was wrong. Shortly after updating you all about our condition, I caught that familiar scent. Adam and I have been on the run again ever since. I come to you from a rest stop somewhere on I-95. I do not know how long we will remain here. That villain has only grown still more persistent.

Worse still, I noticed something the last time I saw him. My boy and I were at a schoolyard for the night, hoping to have a moment’s rest. For once, his form came before his scent. He was standing on the other side of the playground, childishly playing with a swing, pushing it back and forth. Still, this is not what frightened me. It was what I saw behind him.

It was dark, and my eyesight is not as good as it was when I was puppy. I couldn’t make out any features, but I could tell from the form exactly what it was. It terrified me. I awoke Adam, and we fled. We fled from that awful man…

And we fled from his dog.

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Monsters, Past and Present

He killed him. That abomination killed him, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I was too busy getting Adam out. The man who’d been kind enough to take in what he thought was just a normal stray dog met his end at the tip of a tendril. I watched as it pierced his throat. I watched a crimson stream pour from his throat and stain his perfect white carpet. And then, I ran into Adam’s arms and he got us away from that place.

We’ve been only a single step ahead these past few days. He always seemed to catch up to us just as we were moving on. I think we’ve finally gained some distance. He’s disappeared, at the very least. I finally have time to continue my tale.

Both Adam’s and my own eyes were wide in shock as electricity flew from my boy’s fingertips into the ceiling. Shakily, Adam looked down at his hands, taking in the light blue energy that was flowing through his forearms. He looked back up at me and slowly began to grin.

“This is SO cool,” He cried out. He kept snapping his fingers, making electricity spark from between them each time. “I’m like… like that bad guy in Star Wars. Only not all ugly and stuff,” Realization dawned on Adam as he spoke, “I’m… I’m like you now, Tommy! I’m a superhero! That blue stuff gave me superpowers!”

Now Adam, we don’t know what that substance is doing to your body. Before you start planning to fight crime and all that, we need to make sure you’re okay.

“I feel fine, Tommy. I feel great.”

Still, we should find some sort of information on this… I trotted over to the disposed of syringe and pressed my eye to it. Plasmid. There must be some sort of documentation of it in a lab around here. We’ll get that, make sure you aren’t going to encounter any problems, and then we’ll find a way out of this place. I looked at a map, lying abandoned on the ground with various other pieces of paperwork. All stained red by someone’s life.

“Oh fine…” Adam sighed, then returned to snapping his fingers to make them spark, “Man, this is so awesome.”

Here. We’ll go this way. I’d located the nearest medical facility, and began walking in its direction. Adam followed obediently behind me. I am still uncertain how he was completely oblivious to the skeletons lying about him. Did he not notice them, or did he simply not care?

The entire time we were travelling, he talked about all the things he’d do as a superhero. He was going to fight off Mark the next time he tried to ruin a game of football. He was going to save a cat from a tree and the girl would go out with him. He would name himself Spark Plug Lad – “The Boy Who Fights Crime”. I attempted to get him to change his name to Navitas, the Latin word for energy. It had more gravity, more class. He had his mind set on Spark Plug Lad.

He was in the middle of his latest talk about ending all war, when I heard lumbering footsteps ahead. As each one fell, the floor vibrated. I stopped Adam. We stood there, and watched as a massive shadow slowly passed across the hall before us. It was followed by its owner, a monstrous being, wearing a huge, modified suit of diving equipment. I held down a growl, hoping it would pass by.

Adam panicked, and fired a blast of lightning at it.

The beast stood paralyzed for a moment, sparks crackling across its armor. And then, it moved faster than anything I’d ever seen before. It lurched straight across the room, heading for my boy at a speed seemingly impossible for its size. My knowledge of basic physics told me what common sense told Adam: if that huge beast hit him at that velocity, he was dead. My boy backed away as fast as his legs could take him, flinging another bolt of electricity at the monster.

It froze in its tracks once more. I flung myself at it, jaw open wide, paws forward. I caught hold of its back, bracing myself onto it. My teeth found a vulnerable piece of fabric, and I tore it free. Beneath it was nothing but more cold steel The electrical shock ended, and the monster roared, trying to reach me. I was fortunate. The suit restrained its arms from being able to reach behind itself. As long as I remained on my foe’s back, it could do nothing to me.

I grabbed more fabric and ripped it away. I knew that if I kept tearing, surely I’d find something critical eventually. The great being bellowed in rage. It turned back to my boy and lumbered forward, slower now.

ADAM! GO! I screamed. I could care less if it hurt me. This beast would not harm my boy.  I kicked off of its back, sending the beast stumbling forward. It turned back towards me, but I was already beneath its legs, nipping at its heels. It tried to stomp on me. I kept moving, kept biting. Nothing I did was working against the monster. Finally, my eyes caught a valve on the armor over its collar.

I ran out from under the beast, turned, and lunged through the air. Its arms wrapped around me, pulling me into a bear hug. The pressure that monster exerted on me was indescribable – the pain, even more intolerable. I am certain I felt bones crack and organs rupture. Still, that pressure was nothing compared to that which the creature felt after I turned the dial on its chest.

Almost instantly, the suit collapsed in on itself. The crumpled husk of the beast fell to the ground, and I crawled out from its now lifeless arms.

Adam ran over to me, asking if I was okay. I told him to wait a moment. I felt my bones snap into place, felt my stomach and liver regain their original shape. Finally, minutes later, I nodded. I was okay. We could continue.

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Into the heart of darkness

Adam and I have been fortunate enough to avoid the monster’s gaze today. I left my boy out in the woods on the edge of this newest town, telling him to kindly keep out of sight until I returned from exploring the surroundings. This town is small, but the people are kind. In fact, one has taken me into his home for the night. I immediately called to Adam and had him sneak into the house. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve been forced to make that my benefactor’s head remains turned away from the room Adam is hidden inside. People are far more inclined to aid the small and cute than the large and awkward. And with what has happened to Adam, how he appears after what happened down in that city beneath the sea…

I still remember how that city smelled as its cool, sterile air filled the submersible. Adam had just opened the hatch and popped his head out to look around. His nose naturally isn’t nearly as fine tuned as mine is, and mine has only gotten better since chewing on that bone last month. He couldn’t smell the death filled that abandoned fortress.

“Oh man, Tommy. This place is amazing. My parents are going to be so proud of me for finding it,” Adam said, eyes dancing across the dock. He clambered out of the vehicle and ran across the tiled flooring, excitement in every step. I’m not sure why, but he didn’t seem to notice the skeletons that slumped against the walls or stretched out across the floor. How did Adam miss their tattered clothing, their animal masks?

Adam… We need to stop playing around, and find another vehicle so we can get out of here, I communicated to him as I scampered out of the submersible and to my boy’s side. This place isn’t right.

“But Tooooommmmyyyyyyyyyyyy…” I am certain you all have heard that annoying inflection that children get when they want something and stretch their words. With my greater hearing, it is somehow even worse.  “I wanna explore! This place is SO cool!”

Adam stepped up to a nearby door, which slid upwards with a hiss. I couldn’t be certain how this facility still had power. My boy’s parents said that it was lost roughly fifty years ago. I can only assume it used hydro-electric energy, but that doesn’t seem to explain why there were still lights on and fully functioning automatic doors. Those turbines would rust, wires would fray. Something wasn’t right.

“TOMMY! LOOK AT THIS!” I was too lost in thought. I’d lost track of my boy. I looked up to see Adam standing beside some sort of purple vending machine. In his hand was a syringe full of glowing blue liquid.

Adam! Don’t!

But it was too late. Adam jabbed the needle into his arm. I watched every drop of that fluid pump itself into my boy’s veins. I watched his eyes begin to glow. The beast on the boat and beneath the sea was terrifying. Somehow, that my boy had just taken a needle filled with god knows what and injected himself with it was even more horrifying.


“Don’t yell at me, Tommy!” Adam cried, clearly unsettled by the tone in my communication. “I… It just seemed right.” He lifted his hands to his face, tears beginning to flow, when electricity zapped from his fingers to the ceiling. Both of our eyes went wide wi

Oh god. The smell. He’s here. HE’S HERE.

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